“Kathy, I just want to thank you so much for the life changing hypnotherapy sessions we had. In only a couple of short sessions you were able to change how I look at and felt about myself and my inability to lose the weight I wanted. To date I have now lost 62 pounds. I work out regularly because I now enjoy it, were before our sessions, I absolutely hated it. I have no problem in staying away from the foods that I used to crave and I know if I ever need a little help you are a phone call and a session away from reinvigorating me. Thanks is not enough for the life changes you have given me.”

Paul J. Amo
Summerfield, FL.

I have been to multiple sessions with Kathy. My distress and anxiety are totally gone and I’m sleeping better during the night. I encourage anybody struggling with anything to give Kathy a call.

Susan P.
Orlando, FL.

Thank you so much Kathy! I feel liberated after quitting smoking. I don’t know why it took me so long to try this approach. I highly recommend trying hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

Gregory S.